Thursday, September 13, 2007

The lazy green eyed cat

The white-Abkhazian-cat: can explode any minute!

I wanna be famous-said the black&white cat

I am a great cat! I may not be white and pregnant!
I may not have wonderful green eyes!! But I deserve to be famous!
I wanna be famous!
Can you make me famous?
Can you?

Monday, September 10, 2007

puk puk- come in! hi i am mimi!!!

i admire

I admire people who have time to do all the things they wish to do!
I admire people who travel when they wish to!
I admire people who take lots of pictures and find time to take a good look in all!
I admire people who update their blogs everyday or very frequently!
I admire the ones who can write all their ideas in a short time!
I admire those who turn their writings into some kind of sharable text!
I admire those, more, who publish their writings!
I admire journalists who can create news everyday!
I admire writers who write all ideas and dreams on their minds!
I admire those, more, who can edit the photos they took!
I admire all anthropologists who observe and write notes to not to forget!
I admire those anthropologists who make academic publications even more!
I admire those, who spend each day more time, to love those that they love!
I admire those who read lots of books!
I admire the readers who can buy first copies of the books they wish to read!
I admire people who watch all new movies of their interests!
I really very much admire people, who can do all these and still find time to sleep, to swim or do other sports, go to purposeless walks, watch documentary films on tv, eat good food, cook good food.... Who can live as they wish are the ones I really admire!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


All my best and good friends are getting married. Am I late? No, I have a phd to complete!!!!
Their masters and phds - as my kanka kasha says- will be their children. And mine will be a written material that does not change in time! That does not live me and marries someone to live a life away from me!!!
I wish you all happiness!!!
I hope all will find the loves that you had already found!!!
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Is it me or is it you?
Is it life or is it dead?
Is it me that is drunk, or everyone else?
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To do or not to do! What to do????

I am mixed up, overloaded by information and things to write!!!
And what I do is to not to write anything.... Not a good choice for someone wishing to be an anthropologist!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

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Ritsa aslında bir göldür Abhazya'da... Ama harika yemekler yiyebileceğiniz bir mekanın da adı aynı zamanda... İstanbul'da Kadıköy'de... Çerkes Mantısı olarak da bilinen peynirli ya da patatesli Psıhaluj içindeki Abaza otu ile farklılık yaratıyor... Ayrıca hafta sonları Çerkes mutfağının en lezzetli örneklerinden sızbal, abısta (Çerkes pastası, mamusa).... vb; hafta içinde ise yine lezzetli ev yemekleri yiyebilirsiniz... Deneyin derim!!!

Visitors to Istanbul should try delicous Circassian (Adyge-Abhazian) Cousine at Ritsa, in Kadıkoy!!!

Tel: 00902163380681
Adres: Moda Caddesi 48/1 Kadıköy/ İstanbul

Saturday, November 11, 2006

its a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look in the mirror! What do you see?

Harem, Topkapi Palace, 2006

Take me back to my boat on the river...and i will dream again....


my grandfather, aged 91...
a circassian...
a doctor...
a numizmat..
a week after this photo was taken, he was robbed in daylight by armed gangsters...
he now looks at least 10 years older...

Pics of me by idil...

Birthday cake and chocolate!!!

Building the house of my dreams...

There is the Aya Yorgi, a church, at the top of the Buyukada island. On special days people walk nake footed up to the church and build from natural objects houses, so that they will have a house soon. This is my house...

On my birthday...

My birthday was on the 5th of October but I could only find time now to upload the photos. This is in the Buyukada, an island of Istanbul. The blondy girl on my side is my cousin idil, living in Germany. She was very kind to spend the day with me doing whatever I like. She loved the island too because there were so many cats and she is crazy for cats :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

So that we could see our way in the fog...

Poyrazlar, 2006

Butterfly-bring us hope

The threesome..

This is Hania..
A beauty I met thanks to my best friend Kasha (Kate as we call her) and her husband Burgehan (Bruce) :)

And this is for the good news she gave to me just as I was writing this post: Puk puk :)))

Three legged grasshopper...

Sipse the dog- she is a young mother...

Sipse is in Adyg (Circassian) meaning my dear...

Volunteers accepted..

A cabbage growing in mom's organic farm... It is fun but hard work to be in the village... You have to get up early- since midday its too hot to work. If the dog is barking you may not be able to sleep. All day long you have to clibm, jumb, walk in dust and on uneven roads between trees, seeds, and person-height wild grass.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

And the local people of Yalikavak...

And me...

I enjoyed it a lot being in Yalıkavak, meeting all these people, writing, studying and the blue of the sea and sky! A LOT!!!

The poets...

The small district of town Bodrum, Yalikavak is famous for its windmills. These are historical remainings and it gives you a clue how the weather is in this sea cost: Windy!!!
Unfourtunately I realised I forgot to take a picture of the windmill since I was fully involved in the Windmill art, culture and sports festival taking place around the mill...
The festival days were usually sport contest and things for the youth but the nights were a lot of fun with concerts, shows and fireworks.

In the evenings there were the poetry hours where I met great writers, poets and a singer who all seem to be creating a change in my life. We enjoyed with them a lot of prose and poetry as well as Turkish Raki (Alchololic drink made of anason) , fresh fish, songs and a day of blue travel-yatch tour.
The most beautiful thing about meeting with these literate people was not the new things I learned, or the moments I shared but the way they saw me- a future writer and a poet, when I read them my poems and writings... In every new people I met I find something of me. Maybe the butterflies inside me :)

bodrum bodrum

The song starts: How should I tell, where should I start, how many were we than, how many we are now... Bodrum bodrum....... Here you see the house I stayed. The first one on the center just behind the small yatch.The blue travels starting from this Aegean coast of Turkey are really famous. You can spend a day or weeks over the sea according to your preferences. And see the 3 colours of the sea: Blue, Green and Tourquise...
The nature brings the different colors and smoothness together... The yellow flower of the cactus shines joyfully in the warm summer sun.

Deniz ve Mehtap...

And the nights in Bodrum are great.
Check this full moon view... Posted by Picasa

Sunset in Bodrum

Two sun set views from Yalıkavak, Bodrum...
I stayed there for a month to write my thesis
and I was able to finish half of it... With these views infront of me it was sometimes meaningless to force myself to study!

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